James Scott Trimm


James Trimm has been married to Ingrid Trimm for thirteen years and have five children: Mikhaela - two-years, Rakhel - five-years, Jacob - nine-years, Katherine - eleven-years, Sarah - fifteen years. (Note: Sarah is the step-daughter of Ingrid Trimm and James' first born from a previous marriage. Sarah's natural mother is deceased.) Ingrid Trimm is the granddaughter of a Holocaust Survivor. James Trimm and his family reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, where James was raised his entire life.

James Trimm is the younger sibling of two children and has an older sister, who also resides in Texas. James Trimm's mother, who also resides in Texas, is stricken with Pancreatic Cancer and Alzheimer's disease. (Update: James' mother recently passed away in late November of 2003.) His father, James H. Trimm has been deceased for many years.

After a year courtship, James Trimm married Ingrid in a Jewish ceremony in Texas in July 1991. James Trimm and his wife worked different jobs during the first four years of their marriage, during this time, James studied and worked on finding a way to get back to the original text of the Bible. In 1995, shortly after the birth of their son, Jacob, Ingrid Trimm fell ill with a seizure disorder. While at that time it seemed like all was falling apart, after a few months of finding out what was wrong with Mrs. Trimm, Dr. Trimm was able to devote more time to his studies, as he was required to stay home with his wife who was now unable to be by herself. Where the years have been a struggle, especially in the first couple of years, James was able to work more and more on finding the original text of the Bible. To find out more about his research please view the free online e-book, Semitic New Testament Textual Criticism.


James' interests include: Semitic Studies, Epigraphy and Comparative Religions.

His hobbies include: Three Dimensional Chess, Rubik's Cube solving and Science Fiction. James' is actively involved in the 3-D Chess Federation


James Scott Trimm holds a doctorate in Semitic Studies which he earned from St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. For more information about the Seminary and Dr. Trimm's credentials visit James' academic profile page.


James began practicing normative Rabbinic Judaism at the age of fourteen, at which time he began attending a Rabbinic Synagogue. At the age of eighteen, James concluded that Yeshua of Nazareth had been the Messiah of Judaism. He began doing research on the original Jewish followers of Yeshua, a sect known as "Nazarenes". In 1996, James help found the Society for the Advancment of Nazarene Judaism.in order to further the restoration of the ancient sect of Nazarene Judaism. In 2003, James helped create the Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues.



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