Welcome to our family's website page. Within these pages you will find out more about our family and what credentials some of us have and what we are all about.

We hope that you find this site enjoyable but mainly informative. If you have any questions you can email that certain family member with their own email on their own pages.

This is the main site and here you will find our pages within this website on this main page.

We are just starting out so check back often on this main page to see what has been added. Names of pages might be listed here, but if it is not clickable just yet that means we are still working on it but it will be available soon. All clickable links are of course up and running and we encourage you to check them out!

Welcome to our Family!!

Family Members

| Dr. James Trimm |
| Ingrid Trimm aka Kitty - under construction |
| Mikhaela D. Trimm - under construction |
| Rakhel Trimm - under construction |
| Jacob N. Trimm - under construction |
| Katherine A. Trimm - under construction |
| Sarah A. Trimm - under construction |


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